Welcome to Lucas Tech VPN Review website. On here you will find all the information you need to choose and purchase the best VPN for your specific needs. I will provide you with a comparison table and my personal 5 VPN choices

VPNs Covered

  1. Cyberghost VPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. HotSpotShield
  5. PureVPN

Cyberghost VPN

Summary –

Cyberghost VPN is a very reputable and all around strong VPN choice. It’s a great choice for torrenting and watching video abroad. According to many sources it’s one of the fastest VPNs in 2019 and allows up to seven simultaneous connections. I’ve tested it with unblocking streaming sites such as Netflix and it was very easy!

In terms of privacy and security Cyberghost VPN is a very good choice. Although Cyberghost was developed in Germany, the company is now relocated in Romania. Why does this matter? Well It’s good news because there is required data retention law where they are located. You can rest assured as your web targets and communication will not be logged. Some connection logs are made but nothing that can be tied to a unique user.

The pricing on Cyberghost VPN is really good especially if you go with longer plans like over a year. Plus you can connect up to 7 devices at once makes it a really good budget option for a family or group of workers.

Cons –

Cyberghost VPN might have what is considered a shady parent company. The company was actually sold to Kape Techolgoies, and here is where the issue arises. The CEO had admitted that both companies had opposite goals which might make the true vision of Cyberghost VPN A little shady for some users.

The support on the site is also a little dodgy I got into a live chat with one of the agents and he was not explaining the solution very clear and was responding with poor punctuation and his sentences were not structured well. If this bothers and you rely on good tech support you might want to look into other options.



NordVPN was developed by the Company Tefincom & Co in 2012. They definitely have gained lots of perpetuation as they’ve been around for quiet some time now. To start off with NordVPN does offer a 30 day risk free money back guarantee. So you can get your feet wet with the VPN your self and truly make your own personal opinion.

Military-Grade AES 256 encryption is used by NordVPN which is great news in terms of security because it also used by banks, many government institutions and the military. Another neat feature provided by NordVPN is the kill switch which will instantly shut off the internet if the VPN suddenly stops working. It also has a App kill switch as well so if need be certain apps will be closed as well so your identity will not be compromised.

With NordVPN there is no IP or DNS Leaks so you can use it without having to worry about your identity being leaked through your IP address. NordVPN is based out of Panama, and fortunately there is no strict laws there that require them to collect information on their customers.

Also whats really different about NordVPN Compared to other VPN services is that when you sign up to purchase you will not need to include much personal information. And to stay even safer you can purchase the VPN with encrypted payments such as cryptocurrencies.


NordVPN has had a secuirty breach that has left many users skeptical of being returning costumers to the companys service.

The prices are also expensive compared to the other top VPN services esepcially when comparing the one month duration choice. The live chat support is not that great either, I actually tested several live chats and found that the same message had been copied and pasted which might upset some users looking for a VPN with good support.



ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands and was founded in 2009. They have a huge variety of servers to connect to including 94 different countries. Easy to use apps are also provided for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers and Linux. And if you have Streaming media consoles or a smart TV you will be able to take advantage of there manual setup tutorials.

The good news is that they are a huge advocate for internet privacy therefore they claim that your internet traffic is never logged. So nothing would ever be traced back to your IP Address. They also say they don’t share their users information with government agencies such as the NSA.

If speed is your one of your main concerns then this will make you happy to hear. On the ExpressVPN application there is a speed test for all of the servers that you can connect to and you can sort it by the fastest to pick which one is best optimized for you.

I actually tested some to access some different geographical websites for example BBC iPlayer in the UK. I successfully connected to a server in the UK that allowed me to view it, normally without the VPN I wouldn’t have been able to view it since I am located in the United States. I also had to run some tests on their customer support, which I must say was great. They responded to my questions and even offered to help me setup my program which is great because some of the other VPN Services I reviewed were lacking in the support department. Keep in mind that you can only use live chat and e-mail they do not have over the phone support.

Cons –

Compared to their competition ExpressVPN is one of the pricier VPN options on the list. For one month of the service you will have to fork over $12.95 however, if you increase the duration to a full year you will only be paying $8.32 a month which is a much better deal.

If you are more advanced and specific when it comes to using a VPN then expressVPN might not be right for you because of their lack of configurations and settings. You can do the basic protocol options and are allowed to choose a server location but it doesn’t go much deeper then that.

Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield was founded in 2008 by a a company in California called AnchorFree GmbH. Since their debut they were able to gain over 650 Million subscribers all located in different parts of the world making it one a very popular VPN for sure.

For their privacy Hotspot Shield uses TLS 1.2 encryption and 128/256- bit AES data encryption. The same IP addresses are assigned to multiple users to keep users anonymity at it’s best. Integrated in the VPN is also online protection. They have claimed to protect users against over 3 million phishing sites and spam content.

The free version of the VPN might not be the greatest for some users because your only allowed 500MB to use per day. This comes out to about 15GB in a whole month. If you do want to pay for the VPN it’s going to cost $12.99 per month and if you get the full year package it will only cost $7.99 per month which will also get rid of the ads that are only on the free version.

I also conducted a test to see how fast the VPN was and it performed pretty well. I was able to get an average speed of 30 Mpbs across 2 different servers that I tested (US & UK) at different times as well. What was surprising is that my VPN speed was sometimes faster then my speeds when i’m not actually using any VPN at all.

Cons –

  • U.S Based VPN which makes it not fully trustworthy
  • Suspicious Privacy & Logging Policies
  • Tech Support is not very consistent and hard to reach